Clash of the Titans

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Author Ferox
Tags author:ferox kraken octopus rated tileset
Created 2010-04-02
Last Modified 2010-04-02
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description A tileset. I want to see what you can do with this.

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Here it is.

My Race. []

About the playtest:

I checked it out before I played it and noticed a few things that could be edited. The tileset looked fine, I especially liked the borders, but the center areas bothered me a bit. Their is too much gold to really make an agd really fun to get. The floorguards seemed like a weird addition, and the gausses almost natural.

I then played it and died about 50 times getting the trigger closest to me. The gausses felt a little stressful though, maybe a laser or two would be a better enemy? lasers are the more "lax" enemy out of them all and it felt like this was a lax map (hopefully that was your intention?). The floorguards ended up being fine, but I wished that it was possible to go up the right side of the map too. I liked how the doors blocked the other gauss to make only one really target you though, nice work there. That's probably where the floorguards came in ;D. Thanks for asking me to playtest, I hoped this helped.

Sadly I stand corrected.
heres what i made out of them


Went through eight variations before getting this. So this suprisingly took one hour.
Its is quite a good tileset, looks very useable. have a 4


are so many possibilities.

i will

try my best to make this a good map.


really cool

Cool Tileset.

I might use it, that is if I had action mapping skills. Which are evidently not in my posession.


quite like it.