Happy Bumblebee

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Author Technochocolate
Tags author:technochocolate bumblebee n-art nonplayable rated
Created 2010-04-03
Last Modified 2010-04-03
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description Nothing's happier than a happy Bumblebee! -

Something I drew in German class, for a discussion involving something else that shouldn't have had a smiley face on it (I won't go into detail, as there may be younger members reading this). But this particular picture actually is part of an inside joke, but I won't go into detail. -

I always get amusing reactions whenever I show the picture to people, so I decided to store a standard version of it on NUMA, since I lost the original to which the inside joke is about. -

Yes, this is C-snapped, but I'm not trying to be impressive; C-snapping was the most practical method. The quality doesn't suffer much anyway.

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Now that is awesome

Especially for C-snap only. 5aved. Great job dude!


could you check my newest map?
as long as your friends don't spread it ;)

Yes and No

It was my idea, but two other people were there.
But I may not know the inside joke. Is it, really inside, as in you made it up yourself?

You do?

I don't think so. You mean you know what the thing that shouldn't have had a smiley face on it was, but you don't know the inside joke mentioned after, right?

lol @ BP

I know what the "original" picture was suppose to be :3


hes so cute :3


In fact, Three or more happy bumblebees aren't as happy as two :D

except for...