The Angry Laser

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Tags author:invalid n-reality playable unrated
Created 2010-04-04
Last Modified 2010-04-04
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Description A ded BML [] for being the only person that cares about my ever so recent map ;(

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Amazing AGD

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Amazing speedrun

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Haha, so crazy

Loved the concept.

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The name is a TripleAce
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speed run

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i rate even if no one else can :D
or i only dream of it.. xD

I lol'd

RCE :D mostly RCE
and i always died*
you are welcome :D

i tried a few times and died always <__<
so there is only a bad speedrun xD
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bit fast
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cool idea. it seems like the laser is a little too fast, so that it's more luck than timing. You can figure out the timing after a bit, though.
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