Oh, Trouble//Let Me Be

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Author al__cair__raheakallan
Tags acr author:al__cair__raheakallan mahi rated
Created 2010-04-06
Last Modified 2010-04-06
by 5 people.
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Description Tiles mostly by mahi.
Nothing hard, just enjoy.

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this demo's a little sad as well.. I could probably do better but DANG am I tired.
Again, great level, I really enjoyed.
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4 verging on a 5, the flow possible in the first upper part of the level is so fun, the rocket has great range but it's easy enough to play around with. I like the drone and the thwump's placement and functions.. I need to play it more, but here's a demo of my progress thus far.
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oh i saw this

fun to get the gold. nice challenge.




specifically on the bottom of the map. The rest, particularly the thwump, was cool.

2.75 or so (aka 3) :p