02-4 Frozen Glacier

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Author Ferox
Tags action author:ferox glacier lotus rated tileset tricky
Created 2010-04-06
Last Modified 2010-04-06
by 8 people.
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Description I quite like this. Ded. to Invalid. Made from these tiles. [] Feedback would be much appreciated.

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I think

I'm banned from Numa for no apparent reason.

good map

I hate big obnoxious jpgs with maps though, they hog up the hot map pages. The map itself looks good in thumbnail though... 5/5 for map -1/5 for jpg.
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I'm not having any luck with a speed run, so I won't post a demo. Nice mines, but the enemies are too good.

sub-300 speed

tiles remind me of jawbit.
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Agree with ZTHING.

I don't like that you are almost bound to use the ground floor.


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Modest Speedrun

I don't like the gold placement, especially the bottom gold placement. It's not very accesible and the gauss makes it awkward to snatch it while trying to stay on the main structure. The rest was fine, and it was fun to speed. 3.5v
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Faster AGD

Sorry for double post
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Fast Post

Very bad AGD :D

Nice map, good placement of mines and i liked the lower place with the gold, was a nice touch, 4/5
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