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Author miststalker06
Tags author:miststalker06 competition ded plaguerat unrated
Created 2010-04-06
Last Modified 2010-04-06
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Competition! Since there are so many uses for these tiles, I have decided to let you be a part of them. Take these tiles (only the tiles) and create a new map to enter the competition.
The mapper whose map I like the most will get a DED and 10 rates.

- You are allowed to change the tiles, but not too much - I will decide if it's too much.
- You are allowed to change the ninja's starting position.
- The exit OR the exit switch MUST be placed at another place than their current positions. That means that you have to place them somewhere new.
- The map MUST include a simple setup of 15 mines or less - no more. The mines must not be in close perimeter of one another. There should be at least 1 tile from one mine to another. Like in this map.
- To avoid gold clashing up, you can only have 30 pieces of gold maximum.
- The map MUST include either a Laser Drone or a Rocket.

You have until the day after tomorrow - Thursday, the 8th of April 2010 - to complete this task set before you.
Nothing can quite compare... to an old-fashioned plague rat.

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Guitar_Hero_Matt won:

Don't remember :p

I think ZTHING won.


we still dont know =/

Wish I had

entered this as well... :(
I'm in [].


not too late?
. []

who won?

and heres your ded :D Mist Stalkers []


nothing witty to say...
link []


Defense Lattice []


it requires nreailty
but you didn't say to tag it as that, so here's a link: []
i know...original name :P


there like a rodent bikini.

Lab Rat Story []


My entry

taR eugalP []

Bubonic []


entry: []


What a big cloud []

Here it is,
maybe I should have made a DDA instead :\




Me too

I'm in


I hope you enjoy yourself doing this. :) For reference, this is my second competition. :)