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Author Ferox
Tags action altitude author:ferox plaguerat rated tricky
Created 2010-04-06
Last Modified 2010-04-07
by 32 people.
Map Data

Description For the comptition. Ded to Cheez. Enjoy!

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I can't seem to access your delisted maps directly.
launch pad ;)
Demo Data

Thanks, dude.

Dumbo had some good use then, eh? ha ha.

I got sniped.

An extremely large amount of times. My Blair-Chan is now rated 2/5 by 23 people. Last I checked, only 8 people rated, and all the comments are good.

Not much

we can do about this with the current admin tools. I wouldn't worry though, your map got some decent attention. ;)


which nobody looks at, so I resub so I can get some criticism. :)


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I don't

Deserve the fives and don't want them.


Don't care. I just don't want anymore through-the-roof anti-sniping.


We're goin' down...


Were you the sniper or the mega-anti-sniper-who-autogenerated-5-star-rates?

No problem.

Truth be known, I sniped you. Please don't take it personally.

30 rates

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there you go
I'm just waiting for someone to say "anti-snipe anti-snipe"

nice dude, 4/5
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speed. Faster than most.
Demo Data



is bad, but anti-sniping is just as bad.


some whack dude gave me 16 fives within 10 seconds.

sub-200 speed.

also on nreality
Demo Data

I made

a demo on nreality.

this map is easy... why arent there more nreality demos if its that easy,

everyone tries proving there so good by making a demo, but the demos could have being done frame by frame, and frame by frame takes hardly anny skills.
so i whant to see more nreality demos


Must really like this map.

5ved and faved

5/5 and faved

my demo,

is on nreality, its agd


fix it now.


an AGD
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Demo Data

hee hee

Found this out myself, dunno if it's what spoon did.
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problem. ;-)


just got anti-sniped again.

Thanks dude!

Demo coming up soon :)

Also, the link on my map is broken, lol.
The map was decent enough, the gold placement was safe to day the least. I didn't like the laubchpad bit, but the laser was a nice touch. Solid 3/5
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I can't

my ratings thing will say I got a bunch of snipes.
But knowing the people rated a 5 not because your map was good makes my smile drop.

delist and resub it

seriously i hate sniping but anti sniping ts almost worse