A Small Window

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Author Arctic_Pony
Tags author:arctic_pony playable puzzle rated
Created 2010-04-07
Last Modified 2010-04-07
by 19 people.
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Description resubmitted. its a puzzle map.

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Really clever map ;)
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This took close to a bajillion tries, though since my first demo I got halfway a lot more often, once I got a good technique to judge when to go...
RCE: (three and a half out of five)
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This is wayyy too hard to do :(
This is the /one/ time when I got this far. Out of probably at least 50 tries.
RCE: (three out of five)
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i like the aspect of NOT BEING ABLE TO BEAT IT D:<
you deserve more attention





Too hard.


nicely done.

haha thanks rozer glad you liked it

@Chrdrenkmann, i would normally agree with you, but i submitted this very late last night when nobody was playing (not sure why), so i decided to let more people see it.

I hate resubs. >>

Every user has a chance to present his map.
Not two.

4 -> 5

Your welcome

nice puzzle

here's a demo to start.
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thanks guys :D

lol nice that was clever :P i didn't find the solution


do NOT look unless youve done it or have given up all hope of doing so.
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