001: lexicon

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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags 198 action author:radiumfalcon old rated rf-euphoria
Created 2010-04-07
Last Modified 2010-05-31
by 6 people.
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Description found this map in a forgotten text file. it's probably 3-4 months old. enjoy

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I was one of the few people who looked to your maps for inspiration. Now I see why. Just because I don't have a feature or because you disliked a map of mine doesn't make me a horrible mapper. Just because I may not be as good as ATOB or Martyr doesn't make my maps bad. The flamers are the ones who get disabled and that might be your problem in a later time.

Death demo.

I liked how frenetic the main chamber was, but the bottom left gold was annoying to get with the mine placement.
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this is a bit green

needs more lemon or a cup of orange juice. less fat.

no russian?

not. cool.

Looks cool.

Will play when I get a chance.
Kick ass drop-in, check check it.

PS: I aint dead yet haha
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It's odd, odd in that good way where all the parts are kind of unique together, but it just doesn't feel satisfying to replay.

It's like an experimental transition or something, and it's cool.
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This is great. The right side is fantastic. :)