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Author Technochocolate
Tags action author:technochocolate dreams playable unrated
Created 2010-04-08
Last Modified 2010-04-08
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description #6 of Dreams [] (1-0) -

It's a little more straightforward than usual, but other than that I feel like this map is more like the style I've been trying to achieve. -

The maps are becoming a little more thematic. They are either dreamlike (or like something just as distant from reality), or remind me of a dream I might have had. -


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Jesus Christ! How long did that take you?


Where are you?
The gauss, rocket, and chaingun's line of sights add up to produce a small window in which to manoeuvre restricting your options and making the map feel frustrating if you try to deviate from the paths they allow.

This is a common problem with overlapping enemies, I find it's usually best to stick to two per area at the most.

Chainguns are tricky at best, and trying to mix them with a gauss and a rocket at once is bad idea imo. I don't think I've ever seen it done well in a single area, or in immediate succession, apart from in race maps where your path is absolutely restricted and you speed passed the danger.

Messy map.

Enemy combinations feel uncoordinated, there's not enough room to move about within their trajectories.

Everything feels unrefined in general.


fun map, my demo is a bit choppy, I always contend with lag though... I think I'd like a new computer.
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so you meant this particular map, not your maps in general.

Well then, yes, that would be a good thing.
if it happens, it happens, and personally I think it's too easy to become trapped in it to be worth it.