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Author ufripip
Tags action author:ufripip easy fun small speedrun unrated
Created 2010-04-11
Last Modified 2010-04-11
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Description A very easy level. Have fun!

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Also on nreality.
Tiles are neat.
Demo Data

@sayko and Donfuy

The laser drone was meant like this: (look at demo data)
Sorry, I didn't playtest it that much.

@all: nice to read that you liked it.
Demo Data


Funny to AGD. I enjoyed it, liked it.
Laser drone didn't really work, but it's fine.

AGD (also on nreality):
Demo Data

Good gooooody.

It's a four from me! Although I have to question that laser drone's function. If it's purely aesthetic, yes, it does look good :3

AGD right here
Demo Data

Cool stuff.

Slow AGD.
Demo Data