The Great One

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Author Arctic_Pony
Tags 99 action author:arctic_pony playable rated
Created 2010-04-11
Last Modified 2010-04-11
by 8 people.
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Description map #99

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Hey, pony,

I just realized this old map of mine might be kind of up your alley: []

Now i'm a bit sad

because I have around my maps, and I have not find many options of cheatibily, most switches have cleared for speedrun predefined routes or switches badly blocked. It's sadly, maybe the older ones...
But you have invited me to mapping next with hards cheatibility options..

Hey pony!

I love what you're doing!
Cheating maps is a really cool and fun style of gameplay maps. And even really challenging at times. You've have a cool style, both, mapping and playing for cheats! I invite you to keep it up, and make 'cheating' your personal style of play, and everyone you know about this and know your style of play.
I personally already had this notion/impression of you, and I have to say that I love and I'm impressed.
Keep it up, keep it up man!!!!
5/5 for both!

Also, for me would be great and a best gift that if you want, and in your free time, you do around my maps, and delight me/yourself with lots of awesome cheats. I have to say that when I make maps, I pay particular attention to this, so that there is or there is no possibility to cheat. So I think you'll find a good challenge for you.

Sends you a greeting an admirer of your style of play, your speedruns are also impressives, and I also like when there is a battle of HR on a map, and I tremble for that pony appears and down 100f more the score mark..


This is very simple, but in there's a nice variety in the gameplay... I think the exit switch section is perhaps a tad awkward to navigate in, but otherwise this is a very nice map.
RCE: (two out of five)
Demo Data

Slow First Try AGD

Not up to your usual impossibly-hard standards. I like the h.s aspects to it though.
Demo Data

I just

Can't figure out how to do it...


possibly, if i can think of a good one, i'm always trying to come up with new things.


you think you'd like to join my contest? It's about concepts and I think you're really good at them.