The King is Back

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Author WordBlamCreator
Tags action author:wordblamcreator cave medium unrated wbc
Created 2010-04-13
Last Modified 2010-04-13
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description The King of Epic has returned!

Sorry to those who thought I might have gone for good, although I have a feeling that number is roughly between 1-3. Anyway I have returned and hopefully I will finished the rest of CV4.

Please rate, comment, and post demos...

Also this map is dedicated to AVATAR_FANATIC for posting the hidden DED opertunity hidden on my profile, on my previous map.

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The King Is Back (feat. aerodynamic):

I'm curious what you think of my changes...

slow agd

Short version: the bottom half of this map was a 2.5v, the top half was closer to a 4.
Long version: The bottom half just played pretty dully, and it was very disappointing to realize I had to go down there twice (which I didn't in the end). I think that might be because you can only really jump back and forth across the ravine, idk. I quite liked the top half, though. It was fun to jump up those tiles with a rocket keeping you on your toes and then falling into a pit and sort of chimneying in a fun way away from a gauss. The thwump allowed for more movement down below (hmmm?), which made me feel like it was a good choice for that reason as well as giving the facade of guarding the exit, which can add some tension and excitement w/o really increasing difficulty. In conclusion, I'll give this a solid 3. I think it's better than your most recent boss map, but I give that map a 4 because I consider ratings to be relative to the genre they were made for, as well as in general, but the genre has dominant influence.
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I believe I deserve credit for "king of epic" thank you very much :P ;D I was wondering where you were, actually. Clearly I've just missed your submissions, though. I'll play them tomorrow.


Wow, your profile is rather clean now isnt it...
Oh god, then you look at mine.....



He lives on.


success. i love those kinds of deds. =D
for that little "title" I hope someday I can make it my custom title. But until then it is a alias for me.

Here is where it all began. []

You were gone?

Lol I never noticed...