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Author bluenin
Tags author:bluenin dda featured kradda rated
Created 2010-04-13
Last Modified 2010-04-13
by 29 people.
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Description I'm a little rusty, but please enjoy anyway.

This map was featured on 2012-08-26

bluenin is both an excellent mapper and a great DDA artist. DDAs have been dwindling as of late, and I'd like to change that if I can. Making DDAs is 5% patience, 5% skill, and 90% luck. But bluenin, being what he is, has 95% skill and 5% more skill. When rockets clump together, it's damn near impossible to get them so separate. Yet somehow he gets them to not only separate but go in opposite directions. That right there is easily deserving of praise, but stick around for the whole map. I promise you it's worth it. — Aidiera

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How to make back going thwup??
However I'm not much for DDA's. 4/5.


damn brilliant!

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holy crap was that good


pure brilliance!!


with 3 rockets. thats really really really brilliant!!!
there`s nothing more to say.
just love this map
I was starting to miss these..

5aved. I'm glad to see you on the Hot Maps, not least because I missed this the first time around.


You should get on IRC sometime as we'll catch up!


stop making my kraddas look bad =P

Well done

The map ist ok, not the best dda, but I give you a 5, because the rockets are great! It was quite difficult to "organise" it, wasn't it?


Thanks guys.

Nice job.

Not amazing, but it was good. 3.5/5

A welcome return

You still got it
A few times the rockets joined, but in the end they separated, and that's all that matters. 4aved.


o.O End was a little, but no... 4/5

Oh my.

I beat this without moving! =O

Haha, ANYWAYS, it sure has been a while. Missed your maps bud! It was quite exciting as BluePretzel said, regardless of how sloppy it may have seemed, I'll throw you a 4/5. Nice to see you again! :)
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Sweet as

The start was pretty exiting, the end part clustered the rockets, which was a downer. But I don't care about that.
An awesome KRADDA, 4.5aved!