You're Ugly

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Author Seneschal
Tags action author:seneschal collab da-guru pot3 rated
Created 2010-04-13
Last Modified 2010-04-13
by 7 people.
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Description It's a Mexican standoff and you're the only one without a working gun; good luck getting that loot!

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I can't believe how perfectly everything works, especially how polished the placement of all the floating bits feels.

nice map,

I like the tiles, I like the chainguns but the gold is too close to the tiles, would have prefered that it was more...I don't know, in the middle I anyways...speed
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yeah, I did

+ I really like this map. Three cheers for team numagetio!

Aww, c'mon

da_guru even went to the effort of making the non-reachable exit area look like the real exit area, as a clue to its whereabouts :(

Incidentally, I'm using that non-reachable door switch in my PoT3 map too, but in an entirely different setting.
that exit door in the ground is retarded >.>
and I thought of that before I read Ferox's comment, so I'm not changing it ;D

There were some annoying moments with the chainguns. I know that that happens a lot, but that's why they're the rarest enemies :3 Pretty fun for the most part though, and I had no issue with the gold. 3.5

I did collect some gold in some demos, but I didn't get an AGD, so here's a completion.
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Don't think I liked the gold. Something more far-out would've been better.

Edgy Dee

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fun. Faved for later.