über unter vor und hinter, zwischen zwischen auf und in

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Author formica
Tags action author:formica drones hard playable rated
Created 2010-04-14
Last Modified 2010-04-14
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description A there and back again map with very different gameplay heading either direction. It's hardish as is, but there's lots of optional gold if you want to make it especially hard for yourself.

It's a bit similar to TKTKTK's advanced robotics (, which is amazing and you should play right now.

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the instant i saw the thumbnail, I thought of tktktk's advanced robotics, mainly because I featured that map and have the highscore 0th on NReality hahah


I felt I was spelunking into a robot cavern.

God, more maps like this need to be made!


Welcome back! Nice map, faved.

EDIT: sorry guys, I completely forgot you could get past one- ways that way.

Bottom route now deleted


also on nreality
Demo Data
going for all gold. I love how the all gold route is different here. And the drones are very well timed, there is always enough space between them.
Demo Data
i think that if the two paths were both at the same difficulty level it would have been better though as i was always inclined to take the outer route.
outer route demo
Demo Data