Quantum Tunnelling

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Author _destiny^-
Tags action author:_destiny^- collab destiny featured playable quantum rated
Created 2010-04-14
Last Modified 2011-08-05
by 28 people.
Map Data

Description Collab between myself and ChrisE.

It may lag on slow computers due to the unreasonable number of drones, so if it does, maybe try NReality. It always seems to lag less than Nv1.4

This map was featured on 2010-09-01

The theming, concept, game-play and aesthetics of this map come together really well. People have beaten the one-way glitch to hell and back, but somehow this map keeps it fresh. It's subtle in that it just feels like an incidental part of the map. The aesthetics are clean and professional, well, you could say that about the map as a whole as well. — rocket_thumped

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Sloow AGD

Liked it more once I took it slower, nice tension.
Demo Data
And this is one of my favourite aspects of Quantum Mechanics.

I don't know why

but I just can't get into this map D:

Really fast all gold which I stuffed up at the end.
Demo Data

i love it

because the thumbnail works. gameplay is subpar.


I agree with ad, it's an awesome review that actually focuses on the map.


A review that isn't pretentious as all hell


I like how you combined gameplay with drones and oneways, favoriting this. Also I think there are too many Destiny reviews these days, just sayin'. :P


Demo Data

Guess I didn't like this enough to comment.

Yay Destiny! Also, I have an awesome demo on this map.

amazing map. great gameplay, mechanics, structure, atmosphere and everything
Demo Data

Slow AGD

Following ChrisE's route.
Demo Data

Jesus Christ!

The drones really keep me on my feet. Maybe I'm taking this map too slow?

Congrats Destiny

This was an awesome concept. I still have it faved.

I knew that one day this would be featured.
I still like it.


Really, really cool.


destiny let's collab for the-riot? mkay?

I'm trying to get it faster, but it just isn't fun enough to continue, demo...
Demo Data


I've been working on this all gold demo for too long. I give up. It has a perfect start and perfect middle.
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i fucking love love this

20th comment

i fucking love this


Awesome map, cool drones.

Credit to miststalker.

Also All gold partial.
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I'm pretty proud of this demo. Just saying.
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wowo nice

demo miststalker

Much improved

speed. Once more. Sorry for spam, but this route is so awesome - and near impossible :D <3
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Much faster speed

Demo Data
Faster speed now :)
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Demo Data


none of the doors are needed.
Demo Data

Tunnels are awesome.

Pfft. 11 drones?

I've used more than that before XD

yeah, l_d

but it's faster to get them when AGDing i believe.