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Author spudzalot
Tags and author:spudzalot featured fun rated such time
Created 2010-04-14
Last Modified 2010-04-14
by 20 people.
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Description another skyray spudz collab

This map was featured on 2010-12-19

I... had... the time of my life...
I've never felt this way before...
And I swear... this is true...
And I owe it all to you...

Thank you. SkyRay and Spudzalot sure do go well together. Look at the artistry, the timing... It looks like something you'd see in the Tate Modern, or on the frontpage of NUMA...

The gold drew me in. The drones chased me out. That's all there is to say. Go get 'em. — ChrisE

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Lets remake it then ;D


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I got so annoyed with this map.
I made many runs like this. [] After half an hour I gave up. Nice map though.
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I wish we refined this a bit more. Im looking at it again and seeing lotsa potential. D:

Beats international

radio smasher!


Dirty Bit!

hey, come on, you stood there and like, "yeah that looks good", made suggestions and junk

i think you did the gold pattern <3

This one really? ._.

Thanks I guess haha. This is also one of the collabs (like many recently) where Skyray did bascially all the work and I just stood there and looked sexy and subbed.


Dirty Bit!

i'm glad some of you liked this



Always wished I could map like SkyRaaaaaaaaay

fun map

very good usage of drones
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Not a big fan.

The tiles aren't great, and the gameplay is awkward. It also seems disjointed, but that can be expected from a collab. Did you have any specific moments in mind for this map, or was it only supposed to be appreciated aesthetically? 2/5.
They do worse than add nothing to the gameplay, they subtract. Awkward to move through, annoying to get into and out of the rooms (both right and left side). Coupled with the questionable mine placement.

I get making jagged tiles is the in thing and that these sort of aesthetics go over well (*looks at the other comments*), and I also get I'm in the minority here. But these tiles just killed an interesting map with spot on drone usage.


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So relaxing, not a care in the world.
But it still keeps you on your toes.
Thought I should repay you for RCEing three of my maps.

Fun map.

I enjoyed it.
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...we never resubbed it. Though it was sniped immediately.


you sub it, no one rates, then you resub it, get 4 rates immediately and then get sniped.