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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags action author:guitar_hero_matt featured fff long minejumper rated
Created 2010-04-15
Last Modified 2010-04-15
by 19 people.
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Description I had a go at making a Yahoozy map! Also, Nan'd drones for mintnut. <3

This map was featured on 2010-05-31

Fellatio Horace Verity nimbly lept from rooftop to rooftop, enjoying the rush of wind through his hair. He is an assassin, of course, and is very good at his job. Climbing to the very top of le Temple L'artiste, he positions his crossbow against a gargoyle and, checking his watch, notices he is two minutes early. Sighing, he leans against the gargoyle, which slides off of the roof Fellatio is too startled to prevent himself falling too.

It is at times like this when one's life flashes before his eyes... — ChrisE

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69 kamasutra...

Happy Birthday!


(nevermind I'm late)


another AGD.

I enjoyed playing this map. 5/5
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congrats man! nice map there. the chaingun was by far my favorite part.


with Maxson. 2

This looks strikingly like another featured map that I can't recall. Weird.

this is nice

Grats , GHM.

Yeah, this was pretty good. Nice structure.


it's also 11 cubed.


you guys just didn't enjoy the gameplay, is all.

Palindromic AGD:
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I /really/ didn't expect this to get featured... Nice review/story though.


This is one of the worst GTM maps I've ever played. He's done a lot better imho D:

Nothing special.

Though I liked the tileset and NaN'd drones. 3.

faster agd.

. i find this level to be of equal joy to fellatio and his great assassination skills ;)
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faster agd.

. i find this level to be of equal joy to fellatio and his great assassination skills ;)
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I like it when you have to time the chaingun to gain easy access to places (top-right corner). That's one of the more subtle uses of the enemy. Oh and it's actually quite fun.

of course


Much easier to personify than to say that you have to go down before you can come up ;)

I'm assuming ChrisE

knows what a fellatio is.

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that should say

"before one's eyes" :(

Mind if I

resub with your new arrangement of objects? I found yours better. Thanks.


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Thanks, I tried not to spam this one up with gold or mines, is that the defining factor? :P


:) Faster. Thwump way.
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I disagree.

I liked all of it, I think I liked the pre-chaingun areas more actually. Very nice.

Not at all Yahoozy, though.


didn't get fun until the chaingun came into play. Top right was a dream however.

Nan'd drones eeeeerrrgh