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Author Arctic_Pony
Tags author:arctic_pony playable puzzle rated
Created 2010-04-15
Last Modified 2010-04-15
by 12 people.
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Description its a puzzle map.

thanks to ChrisE and romaniac for playtesting :)

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turns out there's another way
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This must have taken me at least a half hour to figure out!
Very good puzzle.
RCE: (one out of five)
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Oh wow

That's genius. I just wish there was more of a hint as to how it's done.

This proves

that I'm no good at puzzles. I'll watch your demo now. . .
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and u need to make a map ;D
make a map please.


you make a map?

happy 100!

a few of your maps.
I know a harder puzzle map with a similar concept you might like (it's one of my favorites):
The Difference Engine by guy_zap []
Hope it's hard enough.

well it does feel a bit like cheating, but its a cool way of cheating! the other way does take time to figure out but i dont think its guesswork, just careful planning and forethought. thanks for checkin it out though l_d, dont think ive gotten many comments from you :)
The other like guess work. :/

That's a pretty cool puzzle

thanks guys.

glad you liked it, even though my solution isnt the favorbale one :P

thanks for that comment el_devo, it made me feel good :)



You're a pretty solid mapper. I never told you, but your maps always have a nice theme or idea that the whole map uses, and I like that. I don't always comment, but I really enjoy playing your maps.


w/ aerodynamic
Your way just feels like a cheat. The other (better) way is a very fun puzzle though, and took me about 45 min. to figure out :D 4/5 for the puzzle without the bounceblock stacking, but your way would be a 3/5. I'll rate 4/5 to be nice.
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because your way relies on a glitch that, while I did start jumping around the bounceblocks and found the bunch at the bottom, I'd still have to've known about beforehand (I didn't know that could shoot you through locked doors). My way, however, is simply a puzzle with no strings attached, and I think it would be better if it was just that... IMO.
I... I suppose you could do it that way... if... if you wanted to... I mean... it's you're map and all... do what you want... no big deal... XD Though to be honest after watching that it felt like you cheated on your own map :P
haha didnt playtest enough i guess
such a great puzzle. spent a fair amount of time on it and loved every second of working it out. 5aved from me. and 100 maps? Congratulations!
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pretty tricky XD


do NOT look until you have beaten it or have given up hope of doing so.
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do NOT look until you have beaten it or have given up hope of doing so.
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