Tajik Table Tennis

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Author aerodynamic
Tags action author:aerodynamic fun hard playable table-tennis unrated
Created 2010-04-16
Last Modified 2010-04-16
Rating 5 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Forrest Gump Pro World Tour '11

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I really appreciate it. :3 I can whole-heartedly and with no shiver in my voice say that I am not a multi-accounter. Just because I apparently have some skills and use a lot of time on each map I make, people are mistaking me for one of that kind. Inspiration is just a thing that comes to me when looking at other people's maps... And I can say that I drew much of it from Miststalker06. I have now developed a little of my own style, but maps are somewhat always affected by a map of some kind in a way.

As said... I do like making things look pretty, so aesthetics are a natural thing to take into consideration for me. Anyway... I do not like when people accuse me of something with no evidence of truth or any kind of incriminating material other than the fact that I've been getting attention.

If those people could then stop giving me attention, they could be aiding themselves in a way. Just stop looking at my maps, I say.

Radiumfalcon has recently just been waging war on me, and for what I know... I don't feel very intrigued to continue mapping, if that's the way this community is. I created an account fully with the intentions of making community... building friendships... And if I could somehow inspire others by doing so - that would be terrific.

Anyhow... This comment is long since far too big in length. I merely wished to thank you.

So thank you. :3
and your right... You said it first... Silly bold print.

Forrest gump

wow that was a good movie, can't believe you all still remember it.


my first comment sounds stupid; I meant it's tough because of both the gameplay and the time.
Demo Data

1/2 AGD

Demo Data


another hard map from yours truly...
agd is tough both in terms of difficulty and time constraints.
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