Tileset: THE GIANT CUBE OF DOOM (or, the Map of 121 Maps)

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Author formica
Tags author:formica nonplayabble unrated
Created 2010-04-17
Last Modified 2010-04-17
Map Data

Description Have you ever played a common, run- of- the- mill N map and thought "hmmm, yeah, I guess this map is okay, but it sure would be better if it was exactly ELEVEN TIMES AS BIG!!!"? Or thought "Wow, this map would be better if it had been a collaboration between DOZENS UPON DOZENS OF MAPPERS EACH WITH COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, POTENTIALLY INCOMPATIBLE STYLES!!!"? Or even "that formica guy is pretty cool, and I really want him to be able to claim all the credit for creating a map series which can only succeed with huge, possibly bigger dedication from the rest of the N community!"?

If so, you're totally in luck right now, because right here I'm unveiling...

THE GIANT CUBE OF DOOM (or, The Map of 121 Maps)

Here's the idea.

N is stuck in the centre of a giant cube, 11 maps tall by 11 maps high. The purpose of the cube is mysterious, even more mysterious than the purpose of your average N map, and EVEN MORE MYSTERIOUS than the purpose of the giant cube in the Cube movies. N will never know its exact purpose (though plenty of hints may be dropped along the way.) Each room holds something different. Mysterious clanking machines doing mysterious clanky things, floating islands of steel, and a whole bunch of loveable homicidal robots.

Each map has four exits- one on the ceiling, one in the floor, and one on each side. Each exit leads to the map next to it- either to the left, right, above or below, depending on which exit you went into. The only way out of the GIANT CUBE OF DOOM is to traverse from the starting point in the very centre of the cube to one of the cubes in the outer corners. There will be an almost infinite number of combinations of paths to reach the ultimate exits.

For more information on the progress of the series, or if you want to sign up to contribute to it, see this thread on the forums:

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yeah. let's not complicate things, yeah?

Possibly not.

That would make it into some awesome-mega-labyrinth, which is hardly acceptable for this. :P
can we remove some of the exits?

Here's the link to the forum page explaining everything:

And here's the one to the sign- up list:


how do i join?

@sniperassassin- check the chart on the forum, and pick a difficulty you'd like to try. Anything would be awesome.


Made the first level.
but I wanted to wait until I got recognizably and agreeably good at mapping before I even attempted it, however long that may take...


Demo Data

i'll make one.

what level should i do?