I Remember the Thrill of Adventure

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Author aerodynamic
Tags action adventure author:aerodynamic fun medium playable unrated
Created 2010-04-21
Last Modified 2010-04-21
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Critique would be awesome. RCE.

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99TH MAP!?!?!?

I'm waiting for your grand 100


u went the intended route.

i also

had to explore. its a lot of fun. 4
Took me a while to explore. fun and enjoyable, if a little deadly.

speed run no gold:
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aero :D i actually had you in mind when i was making that map :D
there... I especially like the tile edits you made.

Ah, thanks!

Didn't notice that! :D


haven't seen a map from you in a while. Kinda like me i guess. Good to see one, I'll play it tomorrow but it's late here.

Good night.
I wanted this map to be an adventure/exploration map, where the route wasn't laid out in front of you. You've made me feel like I've both succeeded and failed at the same time, lol. I suppose from someone else's point of view it could be a bit too much to take in though, so I'll definitely have to try and look at these a lot harder from the 3rd person perspective if I do something like this again in the future.

Confusing. I was confused to where to go at first, and I didn't know where the heck to go!

It isn't a bad map but I'll give it a 2.5, rounded down.


any suggestions in particular or nothing you can specifically think of?


but needs a bit of adjustments.


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Demo Data