Ow my hea -- BOOM!! Ow my body!!

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Author Meta_Ing
Tags - author:meta_ing not-too-difficult-for-a-simple-challenge simple-challenge simple-challenge-esque stupid-title-couldnapostrophet-think-of-a-better-one unrated
Created 2010-04-23
Last Modified 2010-04-25
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Description Simple-challenge-esque. For this one, you'll need to jump out of the tunnels smoothly, without hitting the ceiling on your way out, in order to clear the mines. Shouldn't be too hard.

Mines are odd... Wasn't quite sure what to do with them but I kinda like them.

Stupid title. 7=

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although i dont know why some people fbf'd this map


never played my Fenix Funk map ;(

yuh ;D soup bro


Maybe... are you xhsstun?

hey there

Hey man,
sup remember me :D
you made me a birthday map..2 years on :D


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i edited it

there >:(

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Uh... sure rozer.

Though this map is probably easy enough that you shouldn't need it.

Yeah, slick. This is one of the easiest challenges in the simple-challenge-esque series.
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first try

fbf counts right?
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i love these kind of maps, with the mines.