Shattered Suit

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Tags author:palemoon ohno unrated
Created 2010-04-25
Last Modified 2010-04-25
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Description breaking apart at the seams

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Quadruple disabling of accounts. Fav'd for that alone.

Never rated this.

I gotta be honest... I've never understood what is going on in this picture =P anyway... 3.5v/5 (get ready to take a screen capture.)
is disabled. Great. This is a giant fucking conspiracy.
is disabled. Why is this? Who is an admin?
was disabled? If this seems like me trying to find out why my "multiaccount" "TeaNose" got disabled - it's not. She was a promising author and I did not see a reason of disabling her. Everyone seemed to think that she was me, but she wasn't. She was merely inspired by me, thus her style reflected off of me. I'm really just curious.


more boobs?


it better break