shadows are security

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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags 200 action author:radiumfalcon rated
Created 2010-04-26
Last Modified 2010-04-26
by 19 people.
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Description 200

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a start LINK



That rocket fucked me in the very end because I lagged out, so no AGD :(

The bottom right

was absolutely fucking brilliant. It reminded me of a map I made for the Mirage Explosion. Once again, great tiles, great atmosphere.

couldn't answer back yesterday, got caught up. Either way, I like the map, I couldn't complete it, it's a bit overwhelming when trying to get the other locked door after getting one, maybe some oneways or something? but its great other wise :]

to beat him

*to beat it


my friend saw this and was like, "what a stupid level, it's not even possible." i proceeded to beat him and he was like "fuck you."
this would be awesome, just for that, even if it wasn't already awesome.


fun, bit empty around the barn, and the start is hard. i like the exit door area and the exit key area though.



faved for later


I'll have to play this some time! when I don't have SATs the weekend coming up.



I thought I already played your 200'thed :/ nice map anyways, heres my second try lol...
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But I forgot to make you the tiles ;___;

201 it is ;)
I agree with Maxson on the rocket. It did not fit at all with the rest of the map, and greatly hurt the coherancy. And yeah, the oneway, I have no problem with, but it did feel gimmiky. :/


I like the tiles XD
on most of their points. I thoroughly enjoyed the map. I see nothing wrong with exploiting a single glitch a single time in the map. Inside the drone area was fun and I personally had no problems with the rocket. I wasn't that into the tiles though. Anyways, congratz on 200 Radium!


about time we collab again. :)
I really wish I could have collabed with you on this.

Wow I like this

the tiles are nice, the enemies decently placed. Overall a decent map. The only complaint that I have, is that getting the key and getting to the upper half is very annoying. I think maxson is right about the glitches. This is an under average map for you. I say 2 as well.
grrr. Jokes aside, this could be much better with a few tweaks. Why bother having oneways in a section just to be a petty obstruction? If you can get around a oneway with little effort, it's better to have no effort and conserve the flow, imo. I was curious about this, so I made some tweaks myself.
such as a gauss/mine combo to add consistency resembling the first half, and without having to worry about falling, at that! The mines would also prevent the player from just leaping from the switch area straight to the exit, which might be a little anti-climatic. I guess the finish could work either way, but I really did not find the rocket to be appealing.

But like radium said, to each his own. :p


ill play after school


Rocket fits there very well.


incredibly hard.
very nice, but wow...


Fun map. I like the challenges in it, and I'm very happy there's no chaingun :p
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If I need to clarify, I found the rocket to be not the best enemy for the area, and (as I said in my previous comment) it was annoying to have to reset because of one mistake.

2/5 is insulting? It's the most common rating I give :/
my dear maxson.. it's a single jump. ahahaha.


i'm glad you played it, but a 2/5 is simply insulting. Oh well, to each his own.

Well, erm

... I didn't like this very much D: It was annoying to have to restart every time you made a mistake in the front half, and having to exploit glitches to complete the map = lame. The exit switch area was cool, but I didn't like any of the rest. Congrats on 200 though :D


Happy 200!

Nice map. Gameplay could be faster. I liked it, though. Well done. 4/5

congrats man

you're amazing and you know it. lol

I love you guys

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