red clowns

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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags author:radiumfalcon good moa-reject rated rf-minimal
Created 2010-04-27
Last Modified 2010-04-27
by 10 people.
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Description i liked this. fuckin' haters.

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as Xanopticon is to Breakcore...
Look him up.

Fun map btw, but i can see why they'd reject it.

I really like!

You've gotten quite good!
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riot collab sure

if you're even on right now though.

wow, that riot map is a /mess/. Let's see if I can clean up things a bit, okay?


I like the mines
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back in the uk

hurrah. anyway here's the collabbb!
japan was funnn :D


i hope to be seeing /much/ more of this tag please.

Sorryyy :(

Posting this from my iPod, hey you know that volcano in iceland that went off and sent ash over the uk and shut down all flights? yeah well I couldn't get back on the 16th and I'm still abroad. howevs I have a flight booked back today, will be back tommorow if the plane goes, which it should. sorry for not checking nmaps sooner :(
The sudden change in pace is like "ahagjuasgh" and it kills me every time ;__;

the first couple times i played this i found the climb awkward, but after that it started to feel better. this was much enjoyed, nice used of just a couple enemies and mines, cool simple tiles, thumbs up :) 4/5


I like it too Radium. I liked the placement of the mines in the ground, its quite a cool effect. The climb is challanging but quite do-able. Generall good map.
sorry it was awkward.. i tried to make it difficult
But I really enjoyed that gauss, so I would not consider the overall gameplay bad. It looks nice, too. 3/5
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