The Invalid Phase.

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Author FusionCoil
Tags author:fusioncoil nreality puzzle rated
Created 2010-04-30
Last Modified 2010-04-30
by 8 people.
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Description My most astounding NReality collab ever, with the king of mapping, Invalid []

This is, in our opinion, an amazing puzzle. This took alot of time to make, and with its intricacy, planning, and craftsmanship, you can see why.

Thanks Invalid for this truly epic collab.
Give him comments and rates. He deserves them. :D
Njoy. Alot.

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I had to get really creative, but I did it.
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Naturally the following does not rule out the possibility of an agd, but I think talking "out loud" may help me as well as you in understanding the map from a 3rd person's perspective.

Right, so the first thing (and only thing, I believe) you'll notice as different from my first completion demo is that I head down that 'z-corridor' in the top-left instead of jumping (hereafter referred to as 'j/t' (jump/teleport)) up against that launchpad in the corridor w/ the 2 gate keys (GKs) and gold piece and instead travel down to the mine and secretly unlock the innermost gate against the launchpad directly above that I j/t to and subsequently the one-way above it.

Now, at first glance this appears to be a significant discovery, as I've realized how to unlock the inner gate (the outer obviously unlocked by the key adjacent to the 3 trap door triggers (TDTs) in the mini corridor in quadrant III (Q3)), however when I look now it appears that those gates serve no purpose whether locked or unlocked, as the only way they would would be to let out the ninja that J/Ts there from the 'z-corridor' below, but the only way to access that is from the passageways adjacent on the right, and to those from below, and again, and once more till you find yourself at your starting position; none of these areas can be reached again (alive) once you leave all of them. That being said that whole "room" that those gates are a part of seem entirely pointless.

Now that we've established that, we can move on to how to get the gold. Well, it's quite simple enough: one just needs to line up on the far-left of the map in the passageway/room (P/R) containing the 3 TDTs and jump up to the top of the map. The 2 GKs gathered along the way unlock the doors granting reentry into the series of J/Ts used to reenter the P/R from which the ninja started on its quest for gold. However, these too, are unnecessary, as one can simply fall back down to the lowest corridor where the thwump is and jump against the one-way and land in lowest J/T zone in the series.

Regardless of this fact,

(the demo below is not an agd, though, it is just the faster completion demo mentioned in the title)
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tea nose the part u missed was fail
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because I was going to offer the suggestion that a normal door should be added in the bottom right, in the second lowest corridor, to the left of the three rockets and to the right of the launchpad at the end of the lowest corridor. That rocket should not be able to access you and kill you when the launchpad can be a little unreliable. And yes, firetamer, here's a completion demo. I'm working on an agd, but I confess I'm having difficulty figuring out how to get all the gold and finish. I'll comment again on the map when that happens, or when I give up.
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So it is possible

Isn't it?


and overeaction



Truly epic fail.

I can't get on from here! And it bothers me! I love this concept! :3
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