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Tags author:palemoon bound copycat girl numacon1 rated
Created 2010-05-04
Last Modified 2010-05-04
by 11 people.
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Description this is for the numacon!

i recorded myself making this map! check it out [].

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I've played it enough to know it's great. 4.5v/5


Cool map, the right side is hard!
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that's hot.


pretty cool
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Ahahahahaa .. aha. Wow excellent.
but here's a demo. The right side looked the most fun, but I couldn't find a good way to get back up.
Demo Data
I liked how the music picked up when you added the chainguns and lasers and stuff on the right, that was cool :3


judged, bitch.


As said on the featured map: would you like to take my day on the 14th (only two days away) instead of today?

Would make it less messy and give you more time up there.

I don't mind, either way.
But i never liked starting maps, so i probably wont do anything along those lines unless it's for a collab. I won't be anymore gone than i was in the last couple of months.

a load of posts are missing from leaff's blog D:
could you send me the link for that album again?

p.s. these tiles, as always, are sick (and hawt). I liked the rocket section more than the laser/chaingun one. Cool in general though :3
We've certainly been prickly in the past and i apologize for being rather mean to you, man. I hope this doesn't mean you're leaving or anything, though. I don't think you should give up mapping just like that.
And so i figure mapping must be yours because you're the best there is. I dont resent you or anything anymore because i realized that you're just really good at what you do. I'd like to apologize for ever trying to one-up or outsmart you in the past. Mapping just isn't my talent, and now that i've come to terms with that i have a greater appreciation for what you do. If you've ever seen Chocolat i feel like the uppity church-man at the end when he's rolling around in the chocolate and begins to feel regret and admiration. I particularly feel admiration for your ability to consistantly give the impression of fairness and understanding. Anyway, i hope this comment doesn't go to waste; i hope it means something to you. You seem like the kind of guy who knows when to take things seriously.


incredible tileset, the image makes my eyes hurt x_x



Poon, you've transcended doors. That would be like telling Picasso he forgot to draw the mouth *below* the eyes.


1) That video is sweet. I like how crazy it looks speeded up :3 (what's the name of the first song btw?)

2) supposedly my copycat map looks "palemoonish"... :P

So this map

has been up for like 5 hours and nobody told me i forgot the door




No seriously. We should shock her t- nevermind.

original image:

hooray []