Fusion's eight with no zap drones...

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Author FusionCoil
Tags author:fusioncoil fusionsmall rated
Created 2010-05-04
Last Modified 2010-05-04
by 13 people.
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Description Cough VISIBLE Cough.

That's right folks, I shoved all the drones in the walls.

BluePretzel said : It would be nice just to tell everyone in the description 'there will be hidden seeker/zap drones, so watch out!' so that we can be alert to it. If a certain person wants to ruin it by looking at it in editor mode, thats their stupid choice.
That way, we can be more alert to hidden drones and not swear our heads of at the almost-win demos we achieve playing fusionsmall maps ;D

So, I'm telling you. There are alot of drones in the walls. Always be suspicious. Always look out.

Njoy! :D

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Holy shit!

This is good! I disliked the drones. I've knew that there were drones, but I didn't like hiding them. 3.5/5

and i rate 5 every map i play and enjoy

why everyone cares about ratings? i would prefer 1 person ENJOYING my map over 100 people RATING it
wake up

Oh, and by the way

anti-snipes are just as bad as snipes. For god's sake people.
now, imo, I think it's a bit harsh of a rate for a map like this, but it's not rare for me to rate 1, and I know I'm not the only person who does so.
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This blue bot thing is lame and I don't want it....


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nice map
Demo Data


Well done with all the antisnipes
Lots of people must like you...


Ow the pain. Oh The Horror. :(

I have managed to restrain myself from sniping. When my level is pushed to the bottom, I do nothing. When someone says my map is crap, I do nothing. And what do I get? A random One. :(

I might leave. I really might. :/