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Author maxson924
Tags action author:maxson924 featured nevermind rated
Created 2010-05-05
Last Modified 2010-05-05
by 17 people.
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Description <&eevee> also i just made a ridiculously yahoozy tileset and i'm afraid of ever posting a map with it :/


<squibbles> dude
<squibbles> that is fucking awesome
<squibbles> fuck that, go with it


And I did go with it, and I'm happy I did. I love this map <3

This map was featured on 2011-05-13

It's always nice to see a map inspired by another mapper. I myself use furry, destiny and PALEMOON as bases.

Maxson has captured the true heart of a Yahoozy tileset, the jagged points, the steep climbs... and has combined them expertly with a couple of drones and a gauss to create a marvelous playing atmosphere.

Dodging the mines whilst collecting the gold is the greatest joy in this map, so play Nevermind whilst thinking about Nirvana. — ChrisE

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High five.

woaw maxson!!!

Congrats this is Awesome!
I love ChrisE, both as creator and reviewer!

you are allowed to

say the same thing as someone else, because these are different individuals posting

kinda awkward

but it got better after a few plays. 3.5^


a bit awkward initially, it's a bit of an acquired taste with this one :P

Here's a little agd I prepared earlier:
Demo Data

Slow AGD.

Demo Data

Hey buddy

Just thinking about that one time I made all those comments on ur map, man that was nuts lol. Heres that picture you wanted too seeya later best friend <3
But I forgot my demo.
Demo Data
but I just read the description for the map, please disregard comments 1 through 4.
but I'm still just as pissed as I was on the first comment a couple of seconds ago. Fucks.

You can't just copy

like that, copycat.

I mean,

what the fuck.


looks like a lower quality yahoozy map in some ways, the shape of the tiles and the way the gold is tucked neatly into crevices reminded me of him just quick.

Sweet a maxson feature. I love it.


Gratz! Amazing map, absolutely deserved featured.

yeah it's by rose

map gets a 0
It just kinda stumbles around and doesn't present anything that is novel in any way.

Yes. Map. Then you can playtest my maps.

Do it.
this is probably my favorite map I've ever made. Hell, maybe I'll start regularly mapping again.

Thanks ChrisE. <3

maxson feature?



okay that makes sense.



+1 to you
I've always admired your maps alot


<&gloomp> maxson:
<@eevee> hahhahahahahaha
<@eevee> oh wow
<@eevee> this might sound narcissistic but i actually like that map better than a lot of yahoozy maps :s
<@eevee> and i like yahoozy maps
<@eevee> that map is not only my favorite map of mine, it's one of my favorite maps ever, period, by anyone <3

Lacks the polish one expects on your maps. Weak effort, Yahoozy.

Awesome map

The openness in the middle and the (more or less) tightness at the edges are perfectly together.

5aved, fo sho

i like this

above average for you

Demo Data
and from that I take most of my inspiration. I learned from that, that it is a great thing to limit to mines and maybe a few other things. So that is why...

I suck at this game

Demo Data


Demo Data