hester prynne

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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags asbloodrunsblack author:radiumfalcon featured rated
Created 2010-05-06
Last Modified 2010-05-06
by 19 people.
Map Data

Description one of my best maps in a while. please, enjoy!

This map was featured on 2011-04-25

You know, sometimes it's hard to rationalise what it is that makes something grand. Is it The Fountain's audacity? The Mona Lisa's smile? hester prynne's bounceblock?

I don't know, but what I do know is that as difficult as it is to clearly identify the most outstanding feature of this map, it's honestly unimportant, because all qualities of it are consistently excellent. It could be the bounceblock. It could be the E-mine tunnel. It could be the exit-switch cave.

It's hard to rationalise because every aspect of this map is equally fantastic. — squibbles

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Well done Radium

This is fantastic!
this feature means a lot to me <3

thanks squibz

I'm with the

preparer of a nice piece of toast.
Of course. My bad. >_>

that book?



this map

I dunno why I just commented without beating it :/
congrats RF!@#@!$!$% make more maps please
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Pretty fun.

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but a little too hard maybe? Or was it just me?

two things

1) *top 10
2) ahahahahahahahaha :D


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and realised that my first play was actually a few months back.

Don't have time to fully enjoy the map, though. What I did, with my time, with this map, was great so far.
And I fived it without playing it. Well it fucking well deserved that five. Or at least a 4.5. Great map all around except for that e-tile mine tunnel that connects the top and bottom sectons, it wastoo tricky and the guass rushed you through it, making it just plain aggrivating. Still, fucking awesome map dude!

I could...

but it's gonna take until 16 November before I finish my major examinations. I don't have the time to evaluate the map.

This looks awesome,

so I'm keeping it in my favourites until I get the time to play N again.
that this map is brilliant. "Best map I've made in a while" is an understatement, as I firmly believe that this is the best map you've ever made, and honestly, I'd place it in my personal top 100 of the year. I had planned to feature this on my next day, but the powers that be have spoken and it's now impossible, so on one hand, sorry, and on the other, thanks. Sorry I can't give this the recognition that it so very much deserves, and thanks for giving my the opportunity to actually play it.


That bounce block thing was really cool.
I don't even remember anymore.

Mappack out soon, as soon as i get a banner. It has a few previously unreleased maps that i kinda like... yea... I'm just too lazy to map anymore. I may post up a bunch of tilesets that i made and never used. In fact... I'm gonna do that RIGHT NOW!!

Blah blah blah, so yea... mappack out soon I guess.
I make music now so It's kinda more interesting and rewarding, but also more work. So it's like impossible to balance the two.

it's good! very fun :}

Yeah man.

Send me something or hit me up on IRC.
He still hangs around on #moa though.

I liked it

4.5/5 it ws posted on my birthday too
bearing your emblem with pride
plagued by its purpose in genesis
subsequently flaunting its meaning


Brand her! Publicly disdain her!

<3 <3<3

Good Musix man :D:D


now i can go to sleep
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Eh, wasn't really a fan of this one. Both the transition and the drone area itself were annoying, and the jumps on the bottom weren't all that fun. Tiles were decent. 3/5
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i will not sleep until
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I agree with maxson

I don't like the cg here, but otherwise this is fantastic. 4

Really hot

like fire, man.

Goddamn, sir.
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and then the gauss is just all "oh heyull no" :|

definitely a good one. loving the gauss, not so much the chaingun area.
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right word? fuck it...


The world will never expect I'm an eviil anti-snipe :O
Too... ... Lazyyyy...
I have failed you my brotha... Go on... without meeeeeeeeee... *blehhh*...


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