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Author blackson
Tags 1 action author:blackson featured rated
Created 2010-05-06
Last Modified 2011-09-23
by 29 people.
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Description For no tactical enemies, this map is pretty intense.

This map was featured on 2010-08-13

What do you look for in a Blackson map? Personally, I like the way he uses repeated tiles and object placements to build up an aesthetic theme, but this sometimes results in dull gameplay. Despite a lack of any real enemies, Shrarhreeat never has a dull moment.

The miracle of this map is that the pace is set only by the player. There's no rockets to drive you into any holes, or gauss to keep you moving. Just mines, floorguards, and you. The faster you move, the harder it gets, the cooler you look as you land at the exit. — Guitar_Hero_Matt

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Awesome map
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Speedrun :)
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I stumbled upon this map and thought "this must have been featured by some twat at some point" and then I scrolled down... :D


- 3 dictionary results
generous in forgiving an insult or injury; free from petty resentfulness or vindictiveness: to be magnanimous toward one's enemies.

it is entirely conceivable he used the, uh, very first definition


thats great if you know what it means. its just unfortunate you used it completely wrong and made yourself look like an idiot.

"The gameplay was kinda short though, with the difficulty curve of each jump varying magnanimously."

haha what a dumbass lol


just not feeling this map - i can see what blackson was going after but just too tedious for my tastes (and I am a highscorer)


Too bad you misspelled magnanimous. But otherwise, agreed.

I get your point

That was well-worded, thanks, you kinda gave me a new perspective on mapping. I really do apreciate it.
Go be a dictionary somewhere else, i know perfectly well what magnamimous means.


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Well, sort of

Wumbla. I don't map this way to attract more attention, but rather, because this is what I make N levels for. It's the only real creative medium that I enjoy exercising or deem myself even slightly talented in. I'm just doing me; what affect that has on attention is purely coincidental.
Putting aeshetics and artistic value before gameplay has been something that I haven't been able to do. I've noticed that if a map doesn't look very nice in the thumbnail, it will probably go unnoticed, even with the possability that it has good gameplay. So what I'm getting to is that I like the way that your maps look nice even though they don't play the greatest, which gets you the attention and feedback needed to become a better mapper.

Or I'm just wrong and everything I just said didn't make any sense, but whatever

Still incredible.

I agree GHM.

The allure to N is the limited canvas. I can't just draw a picture with free form lines, I'm limited by the tiles. I enjoy that. N is more of a creative outlet than a game to me. Much more time is spent to tiles than to objects. My maps feature a very high aesthetic that is often put before the gameplay. My tilesets come first, then the gameplay. I'll be the first to admit that my maps don't play the best.

Also, thanks for the feature!
cannot work out whether mza is being sarcastic or not. O_o


Tbh, I think Blackson does have the tendency to make a map boring by focusing too much on the artistic styling. I'm not trying to hide that. :P But then again, he occasionally makes maps where the styling and the gameplay merge well, like this one.

Also, I guess I should have used "beauty" instead of "miracle", but whatever.



About the review:

'but this sometimes results in dull gameplay', this quote downplays Blackson's style of mapping; in that his style of using repeated objects and tiles sometimes results in being something that is complete crap to put it truthfully as I see it. Also 'miracle' is not the right word in the second paragraph, it is not a sheer miracle that Blackson decided to exempt enemies from the map, and set the pace using mines. It's Blacksons own decision in the creation of the map.

Other than that, the map personally for me is extremely frustrating to play with the abundance of mines and repeated jump patterns.

I disagree

It looked nice, but in my opinion, failed to walk that line between hard and frustrating, and very much fell on the wrong side. Once you had worked it out, it became extremely easy, as a map, and I don't believe that is ideal. I can't really enjoy losing something because I haven't realised a single gameplay element, and that is where the challenge of the map lies, I feel.

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oh wait-- everyone agrees with me

the map

i really liked it.

looks perfect, plays perfect.


greatly, immensely, exponentially (maybe), a few other -ly's might have worked but magnanimously means generous, unselfish, noble, etc.

so unless the "difficulty curve" (a term that everyone likes to throw around to sound smart) was acting with courage and heroism, you were looking for a different word. unless, of course, you were also using that word in an attempt to sound smart.

used the tiles btw:

That was great.

I'm such a sloth in the demo though.
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Awesome review

Pretty good map as well.
I enjoyed it a lot. Especially the square-ish placement of mines. Excellent use of enemies and simple tiles.

Nice review

The gameplay was kinda short though, with the difficulty curve of each jump varying magnanimously.


The review summarizes it nicely as well. The one thing that bothers me about this map is that set of gold in the top left. I don't even know. It just bugs me.
Really intense. Good choice.

romaniac, beast demo
congrats blackson!

I remember this

for some odd reason I didn't 5ave it.

I might as well do some more reviewing, although I'm on holiday until the 19th.

yo GHM

that review is sick. describes this map perfectly.
And here I am talking about both Blackson and the reviewer =)

oh, and

sub 1000 AGD
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It seems I faved it, and rated, but never commented.