Black Choke Mountain Observation Post

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Author da_guru
Tags action author:da_guru playable pot5 rated seneschal volcano
Created 2010-05-06
Last Modified 2010-05-06
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description For pot5 of "The Power of Two". Lower part is for speedrunning, upper part for AGD. Collab with Seneschal []

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I like multi-route maps.

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gangraped me
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No problem sir.

If you could turn it back. :D

Nice map. It plays pretty well, it's tense and relaxing both. Rockets aren't specially overwhelming, but putting one of them would be nice. The bottom was a bit boring and annoying. Tileset is awesome.


okee.. :]

ich gugg die nächste tage deine maps an ;D

muss aber hauptsächlich für abschlussprüfung lernen .. also kanns evtl auch noch weng dauern ;]
(And the comments)

I'm on a break from mapping at the moment until after my exams, though. Once I restart mapping, make sure you remind me again so I don't forget!


Nice route.
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way too hard for me xD
That's the solution/optimal route for AGD.
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but I went for the speedrun, the other route is a good challenge, but too difficult for me. Too many rockets

The first two

rooms were pretty cool, but the transition into the third room was pretty difficult :x
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meh not bad
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Pity about the thumbnail :(