the powerless rise

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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags action author:radiumfalcon featured rated rf-minimal technical
Created 2010-05-11
Last Modified 2010-05-11
by 28 people.
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Description i put a lot of effort into developing this map, and i daresay it took several hours! turns out it's one of my favorite maps i've made! it's rather formulaic and technical.. <3

tally ho!

This map was featured on 2011-04-19

The powerless are rising, and revolution is in the air. Unfortunately, you are the one they want dead.

You've always had a secret back entrance, until now. It's the best way to escape though, so good luck. With rocket fire, snipers and angry citizens on your back, you'll need it.

Don't forget your training, remember where you put those mines, take back your wealth and you should be okay.

You should be... — ChrisE

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also sub 500

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Fastest AGD

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makes you feel like all the hazards in this map are your friends

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this map was definitely made for aesthetics, not game-play. when i made it, i was so focused on the look of it, that i didn't play-test it enough. sorry about annoying aspects ):

thanks for the feature, ChrisE.

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Looks awesome, plays okay at best.

good song

<another comment not about the map>

palemoon's comment, only smaller amounts of like.
22 of them are not about the map. x<

Well, it looked fun. The upper switch was good, the rightmost switch didn't need a drone or a bounceblock. The oneways next to the bottom switch were horrible and limited gameplay waay too much. Nothing outstanding, could've been more refined. 3.5 down. []

second-to-last comment (ZivilynBane)

zzzzzz []


map no. 199606


chloroforming them? ;)

co || ab
i think it's almost ready for submission. who should submit it by the way?


CS told you? Yeah. He was telling the truth. Sorry for lying in my previous comment; CS told me not to tell anyone.

Also, I corrected a grammar mistake in your wikia article :3

I'm pretty sure Raede quit. I think he announced it on IRC.
I hate it when promising mappers do that, same thing happened with mericet; though at least raede left us with a back catalogue.


i stumbled upon it ^^
except the rocket section came across as a cop-out. I'm not saying it was at all, just that it almost seemed like too easy of an enemy choice. I would've loved another gauss and more mines instead of that rocket, but everyone else liked it so I suppose you did well didn't you :D



still havent replied to my mail.


thanks man

appreciate the help you've given me, to get where i'm going.





its mahi>radium>mahi>radium>mahi>radium>mahi i'm sure of it

yeah, hi, uhhhhh


tis alright

really neutral about it.

it had some good moments, but there was a lot that could be improved. idk just what Im feelin brah

Not really a fan.

Also, just for fun. Here is a faster cheat!
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