9: Contortion Sensuality

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Tags author:palemoon rated tonebreaker
Created 2010-05-11
Last Modified 2010-05-11
by 8 people.
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and i think it uses open space in a fairly attractive manner

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I liked the grid.

Who's that?

I like his maps.
I really want to know.
How did you make the comment empty? When I tried it, it said "Error".

Haha, it's "nate"

Though, my name isn't Nate, hehe.

the floorguard doesn't move! i can fuck with it!
but supposedly it is real; though the delivery times are quite long


but great example of enemy usage.

If I do good at my exams I'll be able to study japanese at university... so... arigato for your luck (I'll return it after my exams).

Also, that animation in your profile is crazy. I would like to point out this though:


sub 400 speed
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Really great. 5aved.
really frantic, with great laser placement.
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i liked it

i thought it was cool how you arrayed the enemies.. gausses were a bit overpowered, but perhaps RF just needs some more steez.

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