Mobile Jungle II

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Author macaddict_17
Tags author:macaddict_17 playable race rated
Created 2005-11-27
by 26 people.
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Description Another Jungle themed race map, I think its better than the first.

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I couldn't find the flow. I really didn't like this level. I like a lot of MA's levels, but this one, not so much.

I really liked it

One of the only race maps I ever played that I felt I didnt have to play over and over to get the flow and timing of it down. Good map 4.5/5

Gah! Stpid n00bs snipes and evil sheep! 5 for the meanies!


Those are some strange, strange people to rate your map like that....

4 of them, no less.


Meh. Call them idiots, call them sheep, whatever. I reckon this deserves a 4, so a 4 it will get.

*glares at first 4 comments*

Good map.

No offence or anything, but you people should not rate down because you can't find the flow. It was pretty obvious.
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Strange but great. The part I died on was too based on luck.
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The flow was wierd at some points, but this map was absolutley great. I loved it.

I dunno, but

i cant figure it out


It doesn't flow right
Sorry, it wasn't that great.



No offence or anything, but your map really sux