Machine Gun

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Author Life247
Tags author:life247 maptrack mrmc noisia unrated
Created 2010-05-13
Last Modified 2011-07-04
Map Data

Description 16bit remix

See the making of. []

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/me cops another bullet to the face.

how do i

add image to description

reply on one of my maps
you might like them if you liek Noisia:

Awesome video!

love how you like, chiseled the tileset out of E tiles.

also, that song on there is fucking awesome.

Pretty cool

Those tiles are just so charming...

Demo Data


Tiles looked really cool but were very frustrating to work with. The map was also hard to navigate through, but it had some pretty rockin aestheticsjust needed some gameplay work. 4

Awwww crap!

interesting map. It's rather difficult, with difficult tiles, and difficult gold placement. But the tiles provide a little cover in places, but even that was not enough for me to go for the nearest gold pot. That's just suicide.
Nice map, but too hard, even for me. You just needed more cover, rather than defined tunnels.
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