Pretend me Bunker

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Author lord_day
Tags author:lord_day band bunker old rated vote voyeurs
Created 2010-05-14
Last Modified 2010-09-08
by 9 people.
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Description Hey team. Here is a map I made about two years ago, and it is an ADVERTISMENT.

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Did you go to Oxford / Cambridge when you talk about the Varsity Skip Trip? :o


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otherwise it would of gotten tiresome
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agd. Very nice.
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You once made a map named "sicrus". It had oneways and was fetured (?). Where is it now? I cannot find it.


that was an awesome map!! i loved it
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Urghhhhh, I give up.

did you

ever happen to post more than one mappack, or are all your maps just on numa?
also, voted!
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But those aren't pubs! It's the university ski trip that I went on in December. It was alot of fun.

Thanks for all the votes guys!


you guys are pretty good

It says


It's probably from the chain of pubs...

... voted and left a super-special comment. I expect you to answer my question pretty soon.

sounds cool.

ill vote for you, just need to make an account...

I will vote on one condition. You /must/ tell me what your shirt says. I <3 what?

this is a really interesting and good map, for some reason I just can't beat it lol...