4-10; Rust Deluge

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Author hoohah2x2sday
Tags action author:hoohah2x2sday gallimaufry hooha playable rated
Created 2010-05-15
Last Modified 2010-05-15
by 5 people.
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End of the pack! Hope you enjoyed it :D

Oh, and I think I'm kinda sorta maybe leaving...I have no more inspiration for mapping :/ I'll porbably be back - everyone always comes back, so don't lose hope yet ;) But for now...I'm gone. Thanks to everyone who commented on my maps, gave me inspiration, and supported me :) You know who you all are.

~Hasta luego! Keep on rockin', Numa!

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I know how you feel. I just came back from a 2-year break. :)


that sucks. for us, that is. i thought this pack was supposed to be your break, too. well, have fun on your vacation! i'm kind of doing the same sort of thing.
Like in 2 weeks. :D

Nice map, as always. I wasn't commenting your maps, but I really love them. Hope you'll make a new map soon. :)
I was like one of your biggest fans D:

Good luck in the real world! Look both ways before crossing the street and all that.

oh and

this rocked.


hope to see you soon


no demo, but nice to play.



oh wow

a jaw dropping map. well done. 5

yep yep

of course :)
just leave as a mapmaker. You can still play a map or two every once in a while, you know.
and, well, sorry...but i kinda am for now..need a break mainly

:O don't leave!!!

there's equal parts awesome and awkward, wish I loved this
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because you were kinda average for so long, and then exploded into awesomeness. Come back when you're ready :D