A lonely sibling

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Author AlOnE_AnD_bRoKeN
Tags alone anb author:alone_and_broken broken rated
Created 2010-05-15
Last Modified 2010-05-15
by 7 people.
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Description Tiles by Sunset []
Made this while high as a kite.
Made it so you don't have to back track to finish...

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You are improving quickly.
veritably enjoyable
you really only need the bottom right key, but it's slower to do that way than just get all the keys
The gold paths were aesthetically pleasing, but i disliked that you could scoop up all the gold with two controlled falls.
the rocket was the perfect enemy type; one other thing that bugged me was the difficulty of getting the top right key/getting up to the top right oneways.

heyy 5/5 on this

i read your comment on Sunset's new map. i am willing to be your friend


beat that :P
Demo Data

I'm curious

what drug(s)?


playing right now, gotta say i like your version better XD