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Author karmap0lice
Tags author:karmap0lice featured lies unrated
Created 2010-05-21
Last Modified 2010-05-21
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Description thanks to Godless [] for the help with this :]

This map was featured on 2012-08-23

Seeker drones are probably the most versatile enemy in the game. People are always coming up with new ways to use them and, whilst this may not be new, it is a shining example of how they can just get in the way.

karmap0lice, with a little help from Godless, has given you a new task - to get spotted. You must collect your gold under the watchful eye of the drones and escape before he has a chance to return to his pacing.

They told you it was just a highscoring map.
They lied. — ChrisE

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tbh i don't think the seekers are used well in this... to me the map kind of aimed to be like ludicium's torrential or seven_two's inside minaret 6, but the tiles just didn't allow the map to be fun if you got too many seekers in the playing area


the ending is extremely annoying and ruined the map (chimneying through door is pain)
the rest is fine
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Totally forgot about this. Karma features please me.


Awesome <3

Ahhh I love this map X)

I believe it's a small tribe of pygmy zombies that live in Uganda.

Thanks a lot,

Karma :D <3

I disagree. I think the floorguards work great right where they are. The drones are challenge enough. It would be too harrowing with another active enemy.

I agree with maxson

It would make this great map greater.


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Put the bottom floorguard three tiles lower and take out the top one altogether and you have yourself a winner imo.

it is possible,
my testing agd:
Demo Data

You know what,

I was unsure, but the more I play it, the more I *do* like those ladders. They're kinda kinky. :D

Nice one.

Interesting concept, I like it. 4aved.