Life In Marvelous Times

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Author fingersonthefrets
Tags 400 author:fingersonthefrets def ecstatic favourite mos rated
Created 2010-05-22
Last Modified 2010-05-22
by 18 people.
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Description $Life In Marvelous Times#Fingersonthefrets#Thank God Sometimes You're Naked#

MAP #400!

This is one of my very favourite maps i've ever made. I'd appreciate comments and rates for feedback/keeping it on the hot maps page.

It's from my pack Thank God Sometimes You're Naked []

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This was my favourite map from the pack
but such a great album. Love mos, love this map too, loads of fun, i love that that you stuck with the single rocket, anything more would have been too overwhelming. Certainly good fun, will get you an AGD possibly after i shower.


on 400
Congrats on 400

nice map.

I like everything except for the doors on the left, they disrupt the simplistic, artificial atmosphere of the map.
Apart from that, just cool.

Good, good.

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to you 400th

Very much fun

Very well made. Very nice tiles.
Well done on 400!

Cool map.

It's fun to dodge the rocket. Oneways are average, but this is your 400th map, man! :D
....and I mean AGES.

Man, did I ever like the pack.

Even Better AGD

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Better AGD

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Demo Data
but it's your 400 man


I love this map, rocket is so fun to dodge.
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Cool map.
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and the cheat is gone.

man fotf

just cuz its yo like 400th map and like totally im ratin this shiz 5 cuz i like wanna and PEACE

coolio, but you can cheat it towards the end.