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Author GRN
Tags author:grn race rated
Created 2010-05-22
Last Modified 2010-05-22
by 11 people.
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Description AHHH I spend so long on the races and they always turn out so short!

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They are great !
I repeated the best time agd.
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i missed you. :D
when i made my farewell map you must've been gone, cause i went through all of the hot races maps of the time and selected the authors i knew i was going to miss. but i am back, just not so much on the mapping part. do expect something from me soon though. though you wont know til...well sunday im sure. :P
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Nice job here

it was kinda short, but you can't really avoid that.
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now my races are pretty short... but because I want them to be like that :P

I know what you mean. That happened to me a lot. I was too worried about how it looked, which is very important... but flow comes first.




to hear :)


i beat karma..


it's been quite some time (read: since riobe and destiny have stopped making race maps all day) since i have had that much fun agd-ing a race map.
sub -700 agd
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can't go as fast as I'd like, but overall, this is a really fun race, I liked it :]
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agd + evaluation of map is coming
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i kno how u feel :(

awesome race map