Midnight Mapping

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Author romaniac
Tags action author:romaniac nreality playable rated secrets
Created 2010-05-26
Last Modified 2010-05-26
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description The start of a new series of secrets.
Nreality needed

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Boring exit, or not ... this map is AWESOME!

slow speedrun ...

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That's pretty awesome.
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So yeah

pretty cool. Faved.


delete that comment and this one please, wrong map, sorry.

Sorry Life247

but please don't beat my demos :P
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I edited that last map you did some demos on. You're proper route was actually something I messed up and the improper was the correct direction.

Hah! Rad.

watch my demo

and you'll see :P



I can see where this is going... I can't play ATM, so I'll fave this for later. And even if I don't get around to it, I'll probaby find it under Nreality (I check for them nearly every day)
and tnx for the code ;)


nice run, pity about the end yeah
and i fucked up badly. =/
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Faster AGD

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this demo took me ages to get.
meh, ill get it eventually.
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using the thwump
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way faster xD

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that was fun.
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hehe.. speedrun :D

nice map dude ;]
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slow AGD

to the boring exit
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