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Author astheicemelts
Tags action author:astheicemelts fun melts-away playable rated
Created 2010-05-27
Last Modified 2010-05-27
by 13 people.
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Description This was created by every member, including the newest addition "Godless"
We are working on a name change. In the process. In the meantime enjoy the map.

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why is that one-way there? :S
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Polished, to be exact... Oh, also I modified a bit the building that's creating the smoke.
and then randomdigits just fucked around with it.

that smoke looks incredible, it can be the black smoke in Lost! :}
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Oh also, who made that smokecloud?

lol sorry Furry

you're cool too I didn't even notice the whole misspelling of my name :P
dont worry lets just end this argument before it turns into something bigger

Oh, and since when was pointing out other users grammar or spelling mistakes considered being a jerk or rude to your 'friends'?


Calm down guys, I was only joking. Sorry if it came over as being a 'jerk' but YOU'RE THE JERK FOR SPELLING FBF'S NAME WRONG.
regarding the ATIM position. You can
1.) PM me as Ingberlach suggested.
2.)IRC message me.
3.) Post a comment on one of my maps.
...and Furry, please refrain from being rude to my friends. I don't appreciate it.


dont be a jerk

"you must send an application Firburnsfree"

Grammar /and/ spelling fail. Wow.

To join,

you must send an application Firburnsfree on the forums showing an example of your abilities. The application must also be unpublished. ^_^

yo guize i wus wundering if i culd joinn as well. (lol)

btw, that smokecloud is awesome.

hey guys

5/5. and i wuz wondering if i culd join. ya i cnt make tilesets but i am great with objects.


like to join but I'll need a few days to make a map.

really fun

gold placement weird. AGD
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"must" be used for the gold to be easy and smooth to collect. Watch my demo and you will see what I mean.


That smoke is beautiful up close. The rest was lackluster. The gold placement was the main thing I didn't like. It was annoying to collect imo. I liked the theme and the tiles. The rocket placement was fine. 3.5^ for the tiles.
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