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Author ENT474
Tags 200000 action author:ent474 unrated
Created 2010-05-27
Last Modified 2010-06-08
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Description A collection of concepts. probably going to make it easier. 200000-celebratory.


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2X2 Nsanity Like shooting fish in a round-shaped box 00-0: Tiptoeing (more like stumbling) 00-1: Green is the new Blue 00-2: Bang. I know I have an afro 2.


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This was your 99th? (late) Gratz!


i was skeptical at first, but this is pretty nice. especially cuz i thought this would suck ass.


It's really cool! It's one of your best journey maps i think.
Gold placement is perfect.
Drone timing is effective.
Upper thwump is kick-ass!

PS: You don't have to turn back my friend, because i don't have any new maps :P
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Think it's your best map, i really like your style, you've so funny idea but some object don't fit and the tileset isn't very nice ;)

99th map :o

waitin for ur 100th