Skramble Banble

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Author _Sketch
Tags author:_sketch incomplete rated
Created 2005-11-28
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description I wise man Jiggerjaw once said "My attempt at a weak tileset" Well it seems i have made that tileset into a full map but left it incomplete? Now why ever would i do that? Because to leave the imagination to the other authors and to fufill it! My dedication to jiggerjaw with a little twist.

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But also

thanks for the whole "wise man" get up!

That's pretty sweet

But I have like 5 or 6 maps in this style...Scrambled Bramble, Hollow, Willow, #1 (a dedication to Wellsj), ok maybe just 4...good tileset though.


Very nice tileset you have here...

looky looky

Just wanted to show ya this.

your one of my top 3 map makers on Numa so plz check this out. (plz dont hit me like my other heros) :(