Comeback! +100

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Author brianlyao
Tags author:brianlyao balls bored imbored notanactualreturn playable rated
Created 2010-05-29
Last Modified 2010-05-30
by 5 people.
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Description I'm back on NUMA out of complete boredom. Sorry if you like open maps.

Also, does anyone here play MW2?

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Mine is byao311.

add me

verysteezey. I just got it a week ago :D






Welcome back. Do you play on PS3 or 360?


I missed the sneaky gold
Demo Data
I generally like cramped maps - but not mazes. But overall idea is cool, I must say it. Maybe others will like it. 3/5

Also, hi.

welcome back man

i was wondering when you'd return.

I used to play it

got bored with it. N is so much better ;D

i do

on xbox

Oh wait no..

damnit i totally ruined my completely unfunny joke.

Mega Mashdown 2?

Yeah that's a good one.

Interesting map

Very crowded though.

My friends

do. It rocks but I don't have ps3 or xbox