Vertical Vision

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Author jslimb
Tags author:jslimb birthday image-map imagemap nreality rated
Created 2010-05-30
Last Modified 2014-02-06
by 18 people.
Map Data

Description Wow. Today, May 30th is my birthday, and I'm here with this image-map! Nreality is necessary.

The foreground image is broken..
So please replace the foreground url below before you play the map.

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Hi, your background image seems to be broken again?

oh ps.

cool décor and I see that in the picture the bounce blocks show unlike when I played the map and they were invisible. Maybe it would've been amusing if the rocket just sank as it went into the water? Good job, I'd love to see more.

Hi, I cant believe how great you made the water idea work. :) I'd like to add tho that I think it would be more realistic if jumping from the underwater floor was easier (cause atm you have to time it really well). Not really a fan of the invisible bounceblock -maybe instead u could have a seaweed plant fulfilling the same function?

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like the water mod ... but one question ... how did you get the fish images to move? o_e

btw 5/5!

oh my god!

That is the most accurate rocket I have ever seen.


but hard

Before i am gone completely please tell me what you did to the exit or i might die trying to find out.

what's that mod?

tell me :o

Wow, thank you very


my agd, great map
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what you did with the water was brilliant, happy birthday :]


happy b-day

happy bday

but the map itself and the image work is very substandard (especially the image).

3/5, I honestly can't see how anyone could call this flawless.


and Happy Birthday man ;)


You're my favourite image map maper ;)
You make beautiful mod and amazing back and forground !
The tree are not super but otherwise it's amazing, serouisly !
Keep your work and make more image map :)

alles gute^^

the image is bad (exept the little fish^^)
the gameplay is awesome

the whole water idea was really imaginative, great use of mods, i especially like how the bounceblock floating in the water drifted from side to side. the image would look nicer without the trees though.

cool door.

awesome mods. although the trees should be background and a little prettier. but 5/5 for the concept.

More like

Horizontal Hision.
Except for the trees xd
You should practice drawing trees. :P

excellent map

I love the water effect.
Gameplay is cool.


best map ive played this month.

Happy Birthday.

That water and the fish is fantastic. faved.


it's my birthday as well!

an acceptable agd.

Like I said before. Nice faved. 4
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faster agd liked it a lot actually.
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Well, happy birthday.

[what Pretzel said]

I love it. Tiles, mods (<333), gameplay, everything. The only thing I dislike is the look of trees... :( But anyway, 4.5aved, rounded up.

Happy birthday!
how old are you?
*plays map*
holy fuck! this is amazing!
i love the water gimic (sp?)
and those fish are pure genius
this must have taken forever

happy happy

birthday birthday


Yeah, so, like I said, I liked the water, it created interesting gameplay. I kind of wish there was more of it though because I wasn't so crazy about everything else, I just didn't find it that exciting. I didn't like the gate key by the rocket, or at least with the one-way there, and I didn't like the gold either. That's really because I don't usually like gold clumps, but I also wish you made the gold a different color, like an aquatic green, to match the leaves and compliment/go with the theme of the blue/water. I don't feel eager to play this again.
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